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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Who wants a boiga?

I had a 4th of July party and experimented with some different kinds of burgers. Here's a rundown:

Mediterranean chick pea burgers

cooked chick peas
squeeze a lemon
minced kalamata olives
chopped scallions
pine nuts
bread crumbs
minced garlic
2 eggs

put in as much of these things as you want, seasoning to taste, along with any fresh herbs you have and enough bread crumbs to dry it out. Mush it together with your hands so some of the beans get smushed. You can also add any veggie you have on hand--just dice and sear before you add to the mix. Form patties and grill on oiled foil or a skillet or baking pan on the grill. Nom nom.

Crabby tuna patties

1 can drained crab
1 can high-quality tuna, drained
squeeze a lemon
2 eggs
bread crumbs
diced red onion
diced dill pickles
old bay seasoning

assemble, cook, and nom same as above.

Greek veggie burgers

Frozen spinach
tomatoes fresh or canned
crumbled feta
so much garlic
minced red onion
2 eggs
bread crumbs
marjoram, oregano, Italian seasoning, salt pepper, whatever you got!
diced olives if you want

Push the water out of the spinach and diced tomatoes in a strainer. Mix, mash, and grill!

Buffalo chicken burgers

Ground chicken from Cardonas
crumbled bleu or gorganzola
diced celery
diced red onion
sosososo much Frank's red hot
bread crumbs

Since these are meat, you can grill on the grate rather than using the foil.

Of course you can mix anything but the kitchen sink with eggs and breadcrumbs and make a "burger". Another thing I threw in to some of the heartier ones I've made is quick oats--it absorbs liquid and is slightly healthier than pankos. These are just a few ideas in my quest to never turn the stove or range on in the summer.


  1. Those veggie burgers sound awesome. Can't wait to make them. What's sirracha? And where does one go to find it?

  2. Sirracha is the best hot sauce ever. Anywhere. They have it at the asian mart for sure but some grocery stores have it too!